distance healing with ann

Distance Reiki

Reiki energy healing with Ann can be just as effective as an in person session.  Ann will connect with you energetically giving you a full Reiki treatment.  Ann prefers to work on her clients with distance Reiki while they are sleeping.  This allows for a deeper healing experience.  You will wake up feeling refreshed and renewed.  After your Reiki session, you will receive a full report with information as to how your chakras are functioning and intuitive messages to help you move forward in life.

Distance Card Reading

Do you have questions or concerns about your life?  Is there are problem that you can not seem to figure out?  A Spiritual Card Reading can give you the answers you are looking for.

Several oracle card decks and guided intuition are used to connect with your higher self and your guardian angels.  A reading is a process of translating energy from your higher self into words.  For a distance session, we ask for some basic information and some questions you would like direction on.  You will receive a full report with photos of the cards, the meanings, and how it pertains to your questions.  The layout is a reflection of your life with insight and direction.  With your reading, you will receive clear steps and a plan of action to improve your life.

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$65 Distance Reiki
$45 Distance Card Reading
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