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You can find Candace with her nose in a good book, her favorite coffee in hand, or with her husband and two girls exploring the town!


Candace has always been deeply passionate about helping others on their journey towards healing, self discovery, and spiritual growth. Since she was a young girl, she felt this magnetic pull to help others find the best within themselves and move towards unconditional self-love. 


Candace is a certified Usui Reiki Master, Transformational Life coach, and Human Design Specialist. She received her master' degree from Northern Illinois University in Exercise Physiology with the intent to help others improve their lives through health and wellness. But as Candace struggled with her own mental health challenges, she quickly found she had a desire to look beyond the physical plane of health and tune into what the naked eye could not see; her inner world.


She longed to understand better how she contributed to her reality and the “secret sauce” to happiness. She knew in her heart there was more to life than the challenges she had experienced and was determined not just to cope but to heal and transform her inner world from chaos to peace. 


She followed her curiosities and dove deeper into studying human behavior, limiting belief change, and manifestation. In addition to her studies, she found herself drawn to various forms of energy healing modalities that proved to be paramount in helping her realign her body, mind, and soul. These methods combined helped her make quantum leaps forward in her healing. She was amazed to find that underneath all the layers of hardship, negative self-talk, and labels of mental health disorders, an empowered, whole, and worthy being patiently waiting to be uncovered. She found the “secret sauce” to happiness was not in the material world but lay under the surface- within herself all along. She just needed a loving nudge in the right direction. 


Now Candace has dedicated her practices to helping others find a deeper understanding of themselves, mindset and heal on an energetic level. In that understanding of ourselves, we find our internal magic that can help us unlock the doors to limitless potential, abundance, self-acceptance, and love. She hopes to help you find the most balanced and empowered being within, so you can live life with a bit more peace and joy.

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Candace Anderson


Phone: 630-486-6403

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