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A New Day

Every day is a new beginning, a fresh slate, a new opportunity. We sometimes get so caught up in the repetitive cycle of the daily grind that we forget the new opportunities awaiting us. We fall asleep. What if every new day you decided to see it as a brand new chance? What if you adopted the beginner's mind at all times of your life? Part of learning to have the beginner's mind is forgiveness. If we are carrying around all of the old pain and suffering from our past, it's hard to see life with fresh eyes. Forgiveness can sometimes be difficult. The best reason to learn forgiveness is to help yourself. If we can forgive ourselves as well as others, it sets us free to experience a new way of being. Another way we can embrace the beginner's mind is to embrace adaptability. If we are stuck in our regular patterns and routines, it's hard to experience the new. We are entrenched in our comfort zone. Sometimes we need to be open to change. It is usually uncomfortable at first, but oftentimes is worth it in the end. By adopting a beginner's mind, you are opening up to experiencing a life that is more interesting, unexpected, and vibrant.


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