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Spiritual Answers

As we are trying to create the life we desire, it's nice to have some guidance along the way. One good source of guidance is our spiritual team. There are several ways that we can connect with spirit to gain information about how to move forward in life.

No matter which way you intend to work with spirit to receive answers, its best to set some intentions. Who would you like to connect to for answers? A short prayer of intention is best to make sure your information is coming from a source you can trust. Here's a good prayer that you can tailor to your needs:

I ask ___________________ to answer my questions. I seek only truthful answers that are aligned with my highest good and the highest good of all. (In the blank you could say: higher powers of the light, angels, ancestors, spirit guides, higher self, God-source-creator...or all of them.)

Here are some different techniques for requesting advise from spirt. Use what works best for you.


Ask your question or write it out. Then go into meditation and see what comes to you. It's best if you have no expectations and try to remain as neutral as possible. It's a good idea to journal the information that came to you after meditating.


Ask your question and then wait for an answer. It may come to you in different ways. You may see, hear, know, or feel an answer. Trust the first impression that comes right away. If you start thinking about it, your mind will take over. If you have received an answer, but are a bit unsure if it's correct. Ask spirit to give you a sign in the next day or so to confirm the knowing.


Write or think about your question. Ask spirit to send you the answer in your dreams. It's also a good idea to ask spirit to help you remember the dream. When you wake, write down you dreams. The answer may be obvious upon waking, or it may come to you during the day as your mind processes the dream.

For those of you that prefer a more physical method:


Working with a pendulum can give you a more concrete answer. However, most questions will need to be formulated in a yes/no or true/false style.

Oracle or Tarot Cards

This method allows for a deeper dive while still working with the physical. A good method to use is to write out different aspects of the question, and pull a card for each aspect. We have a short video on how to work with cards if you'd like more detail on this method.

Using spiritual guidance can really help you to know how to move forward in your life and create a life you will enjoy.


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