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Taking Back Our Power

We are responsible for everything that happens in our life.....everything....the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes this can be a very hard idea to swallow. Why would I choose some of the challenges I am enduring? Why are there people in my life that cause distress? Why would I create this life that I'm living right now?

We at Sanctuary believe that before you come to this planet Earth, you plan your life with the help of spirit. We plan who we're coming in with. We plan what the purpose of this life is and what lessons we're going to learn. And when we're on the spirit side planning our upcoming life, it all looks easy, and we tend to bite off more than we can chew. And now that we're down here trying to be successful with our plan, our thoughts may be, "What was I thinking!?"

However, there is good news.

1. We have a whole spiritual support team cheering us on and at the ready to help. Our team wants us to be successful, and they love us unconditionally no matter how we're doing. Always be willing to ask for help from whomever you like to work with. Beings that are at the ready to assist us include: spirit guides, ancestors, angels, higher self, and source-God-creator. Ask for help as often as you like.

2. We are still creators. We have the power to continuously recreate our lives as we move through them. If you're in a difficult situation, know that you have the power to write a different story. Look at the issue. Figure out what the lesson might be. And ask for spiritual guidance on how to move forward creating a new version.

It seems that things are moving faster. We are noticing that our life lessons are coming at us more quickly. But the good news is that the processing and recovery time is much faster. It's quite the adventure! Buckle up for the ride, but know that you are in the driver's seat.


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