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Time For A New Approach

Time is an intangible force that governs our lives and often feels like a relentless taskmaster dictating our every move. But what if we could transcend the limitations imposed by time and find liberation in the present moment? How can we free ourselves and experience the beauty and freedom of the eternal now?

1. The Illusion of Time:

Time, though a practical measurement, is ultimately a construct of our minds. It's a tapestry woven by our thoughts, memories, and expectations, which can often imprison us in a perpetual cycle of longing for the past or yearning for the future. By recognizing the illusory nature of time, we open ourselves to the possibility of peace. It's said that living too much in the past can cause depression. While focusing too heavily on the future can bring about anxiety. The present is a gift. Ask yourself, "In this very moment, am I okay?". If yes, find solitude in that. If no, then ask "What do I need?". Identify whatever it is and get specific, then take action. You have SO MUCH power in the present moment. Remember that in a third-dimensional sense, you're always only in the present moment and that's not restrictive, it's empowering.

2. Embracing Mindfulness:

One of the keys to freeing ourselves from the grip of time is the practice of mindfulness. By cultivating this greater present-moment awareness, we shift our focus from the incessant ticking of the clock to the richness of our current experience. Through mindfulness, we learn to appreciate the beauty and depth of each passing moment, transcending the constraints of time. Use your five senses to practice mindfulness. What's one thing you see right now, what's one thing you hear, and so on and so fourth.

3. Finding Stillness within Time:

In the midst of life's chaotic routine, there exists a serene space where time ceases to dictate our every move. By embracing moments of stillness and silence, we tap into a realm beyond time's grasp. Whether through meditation, contemplation, or simply being fully present, we discover a sanctuary where the flow of time loses its power over us. We'll explore this more below.

4. Letting Go of Regret and Anxiety:

Regret and anxiety are two powerful emotions that tie us to the past and the future, respectively. To free ourselves, we must release the grip of regret and anxiety, understanding that dwelling on the past or worrying about the future detracts from our ability to fully experience the present. By accepting what has been and surrendering to what will be, we find freedom from the constraints of time. If this is difficult for you, talk therapy can be really beneficial. I also find that "Emotion Code" is great for bringing peace and closure to those things that haunt us from the past.

5. Cultivating Flow and Creativity:

When we are fully engaged in activities that bring us joy and align with our passions, we enter a state of flow—a timeless space where hours feel like minutes. In this state, we become one with the task at hand, transcending the limitations of time. By nurturing our creativity and immersing ourselves in activities that ignite our souls, we tap into the boundless realm beyond the confines of time.

The good news is that we've now entered Leo season which is all about helping us find our passions. So, how do you have fun? I have found this to be a difficult question for most people to answer. So, let me rephrase it: how do you embrace your weirdness? What's "weird" about you? I'll go first, when it rains I like to go outside and garden or take a walk and splash in the puddles like I'm five. Do my neighbors probably think it's weird that I'm soaking wet pulling carrots out of the ground? Yeah...most likely. But to me it feels SO freeing. Being normal is overrated, don't you think?

I also find that nothing anchors someone into the present moment better than laughing. So call a friend or go to a park where you can have a conversation with someone. Make it a goal to laugh with someone during your day!

Time can be on our side. If we embrace it and allow for flow, divine time eventually takes over and provides exactly what we need when we need it.

So, let us embark on this journey of acceptance and empowerment, recognizing that the true essence of existence lies not in the hands of time but in the boundless freedom of the eternal now.

Sending you love and light,


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