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Walking in Nature

A channeled Message from the Seraphim Angelic Group

Walking in nature is something that many of you need more of in your life. Quiet time, down time, peaceful time are all very important for you. And many of you are lacking in this area and it is causing a deep sadness within you. You live in your box houses, closed off from that which fuels you. And that makes it difficult for you to be open and receiving of all the love that mother earth has for you. We would encourage you to find some daily practice of walking in nature. The walking is important as well because walking moves your energy. It helps you to cleanse and it opens you up to receive the healing of mother earth. It allows you to be grounded as each footstep connects you with her. And nature heals through all of your senses: through the sunlight that is absorbed by your skin and your eyes, through the wind that stimulates the cells on your body, the smells that bring in calming peaceful chemicals into your body, restorative and health building, the quietness your ears so desperately seek…with the sounds of nature at the right tones for healing and restoration. And seeing the healing colors of nature, the greens, the browns, the blues, they calm and they heal in harmony ang bring balance into your body. And the breath is also important. As you walk, focus on breathing deeply and slowly…savoring the breath. You are breathing in nourishing air but also spirit itself. The amount of time spent in nature is not critical. It does not have to be a lot to have those effects. Just 5-15 minutes a day of walking outside in nature will have great benefits. It will give you peace. It will give you energy. It will help you clear and help you to restore. It is the most powerful medicine available.

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