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You Are Love

A Channel from the angelic realm:

Love is a misunderstood concept. It needs to be sorted out and understood in a better way than it currently is. Love can be seen as a commodity as you might see money. Given or taken, shared with others, received, a back and forth, an exchange…so far from the truth of the way love really is. The energy of love is the energy of source…the divine. And it just is. It isn’t something that has to be given or received because it just is. Never a lack of love. The idea that you must receive love is flawed in that you already have love. You already are love… you be love. The fact that love has to be given is also a flawed idea because everybody else that you might give it to is also already love. It is something that you are rather than something that you exchange. You are love. You do not lack. The idea that you are lacking in love for yourself or from others is misguided and untrue. How can you lack something that you already are? You very much are love. And you may not feel that, sense that or know that even though that is divine truth and cannot be changed. Each and every being on the planet is made of the vibration of love. Every being without question, without exception. And so each being that is already there…is already connected. Love is the building block. Love is the spark. Love is the soul and the spirit. Love is the energy that fuels everything that is happening. And while love may not seem like the only vibration or expression that is out there, for the purpose of this conversation, we are focusing solely on love and the love vibration as it is experienced in the human form.

How do you tap into the love that is you? How do you tap into the love that is others? How do you vibrate with that vibration that is already in everything you come into contact with? Of course, it is helpful to open your heart. But a damaged heart from past pains and experiences may have difficulty doing that. That trust may be lacking…and that is understandable. Positive affirmations, I am the love that I am, can be helpful, but may not be enough to fully embrace the love vibration in all that you are and all that everyone else is. Non-duality thinking can be helpful, releasing judgment and comparison. So those are all small steps that will help you on the path to embrace the love that you are, the love that is flowing through your being, the love that is all around you and is expressed in all the beings that you encounter. To truly know love…to truly connect with that energy within yourself and within everyone else, you must work past the mind. The mind is the trap that will prevent you from fully expressing the love that you are. How can you tap into that vibration? Letting go of expectations…of yourself. Letting go of expectations of what others may perceive about you. Their perceptions are colored by their own relationship with the love within themselves, and you have absolutely no control over that.

It is not a thought. It is not a feeling, though those can aid in the process. It is a deep and sustained knowing. Going within yourself with honor and respect. It's tapping into that divine spark that is in you and allowing that divine spark to expand and fill your entire being with the knowing that you are love. Visualize that spark within the center of your being. Label that spark divine love. And allow that spark to begin growing larger and larger within your being until it expands past your physical body and it encompasses

your entire being. And as you sense yourself as this big beautiful spark… within it is a deep knowing. Connect with that deep knowing. Let that deep knowing flow through your entire being. Just sense it… be it …feel it ….know it. And once that knowing feels solidified within your energies, Expand that spark even larger and larger so that the spark is encompassing all of the environments around you including the people and the animals and the plants and the buildings…everything. And you’re going to sense that divine spark within each one of those things, Divine spark in your your partner…in your pet…in your plants…. in the building you’re in….in the cup that you are holding in your hand…everything is embedded with that divine love spark. And again, notice the spark within yourself…and notice the spark that is all around you. The world is overflowing with that divine spark. It is a deep and constant knowing that you may always tap into. It is not necessary to give and receive love. It is only necessary to enjoy the being love that is already there. And as you complete this exercise regularly. Each time you’re feeling a lack of love, this is a beautiful process that will allow you to reconnect with the divine love vibration and notice it within yourself and others. And when that habit becomes established, it will no longer be necessary for you to use love as a currency because you will already be the love. Why would you need more of something you are already full of? It’s a never ending source that is always flowing within you at all times.

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