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Every living thing has an Aura! This is because everything is made up of energy, even you. And the incredible thing about energy is energy speaks, and as an intuitive, I listen. Your aura carries valuable, non-verbal information about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. And I can see these auras with my physical eyes!


Each color in your aura tells a beautiful story about who you are and can offer powerful insight that can help you achieve greater self-awareness and a deeper your connection to YOU.


Aura Art is a lovely way to deepen your understanding of who you are on a soul level and enhance your awareness around current imbalances in your energy, areas of strength and can give clarity on your internal state of well-being.


With Aura Art, I intuitively read the colors presented in your aura to create a beautifully written reading explaining your what each color means for you. Along with this detailed reading you will receive a custom watercolor painting so you too can see the most incredible colors reflected in your Aura. The details of your aura reading, and the custom painting will be carefully packaged and sent to your home address within 2-3 weeks of purchase.



Upon Purchasing Aura Art, please email a current photo of yourself to

  • This photo should be solo. Others near your energy can affect how your aura is reflected as we often will absorb and borrow colors from others.
  • Photo should be taken against a white or lightly colored background in a well-lit room with no filters.


To enhance the reading, I recommend sending the following:

  • Sending a photo of yourself from childhood. This way I can compare how your aura has changed through time and grown with you.
  • As well as a photo of you when you were going through a difficult time. Your aura will change and adapt to help support you. Let’s take a look how your aura helps you find balance in challenging times.


*Aura Art packages will be sent within 2-3 weeks of purchasing*

Aura Art

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