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It's been said that when you're going through a challenging time, those days or months where you question what's happening and why, that you should first consult your birth chart for clarity and then take that information to your therapist.


This reading illuminates your astrological transit journey but what is a transit?


Planets "transit" or move through the natal chart constantly.


Understanding what's happening in your natal chart at the moment can be helpful because it gives you insight into the current energies that are influencing your life. Think of it like checking the weather forecast before going out - you want to be prepared for what's coming. The transits in your chart can indicate periods of growth, challenges, and opportunities for change. By being aware of these transits, you can take advantage of the opportunities for growth and navigate the challenges more effectively with greater peace of mind.


Much of life is about learning, however at times it can be difficult to even identify the lessons. If we can name them, we have a better chance of understanding them and moving forward. This reading is designed to help you gain clarity during challenging times. It can feel validating and like regaining your footing after being knocked down over and over.  


If you wish you could make sense out of what you're experiencing, this is for you. 


Understanding the current transits in your chart can help you make better decisions and take action that aligns with the energy of the moment, increasing your chances of success and positive outcomes.


You'll recieve a recording detailing your current transits and what they mean. Helpful tips, tools and spiritual suggestings for processing and moving forward will also be included.


**In the message section please let me know what I can help you with and/or any questions you have.**


Traveling can create energetic activations within your chart. That's the reason you are asked for this information.

Starlight Insight: Astrology Transit Reading

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