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*For children between the ages of 0 and 17 years old.*

This digital copy will be specially curated for you by me, Candace, personally!


That means curating your chart's unique details can take a few days. Once it is complete, I will email you your digital copy! You can download it onto your computer, phone or print it.


This digital copy will provide you with all the details in your child's chart with in-depth descriptions of each area so you can understand their unique energetic blueprint, strengths, purpose, and more! 


This information aims to help your child honor their uniqueness and fully embrace the person they were BORN to be. We are all here to express ourselves in a unique way that is unlike anyone else. Explore your child's energy design to create more ease and flow for the whole family.


What you will receive:

  • A PDF of your child's Human Design Blueprint
  • A Recorded Reading of the most important aspects of your child's chart.
  • In-depth descriptions of how their energy is designed to operate and interact with the world around them.
  • How they best make decisions and navigate life with their Strategy and Authority.
  • What Environments they thrive in for learning. focus and sleep.
  • What their overall purpose is in life and what gifts they have open to them to help them complete this purpose.


This is not the same as receiving an in-depth private reading. If you want to dive deeper into your child's chart together, you can book your full Parenting by Design reading found in Candace's Services tab on the home page.


*Please allow 2 weeks to put together your digital reading and email it to you*

Digital Parenting by Design

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