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Distance Emotion Code with Rose - 60 minutes


What happens in an Emotion Code session?

1. The client shares a problem or concern they would like to work on. This can be anything at all that is causing trouble in life.

2. With permission, the practitioner begins questioning the client’s subconscious to determine if there are any trapped emotions negatively impacting the given problem.

3. The practitioner identifies the emotion and the age it became trapped.

4. Once the emotion has been understood, it can be released by distantly utilizing a magnet.

5. There may be multiple trapped emotions related to one problem. A typical session may have 6 - 10 emotions that are released. At a certain point, the subconscious will stop the process to give the client time to process the released emotions.

6. After the session, the client receives a full report with details about all emotions released including the emotion, the age it became trapped, and a general cause of the emotion.


After the session has been completed, the practitioner will send a report via email documenting the emotions released as well as the ages they became trapped.


Distance Emotion Code with Rose

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