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A clearing is the act of making a living space more positive by removing and clearing the negative energy within it. When you clear your home or business, you are clearing your life! You are providing yourself, your environment, your life, and your work with the highest level of positive energy possible.


This service will include:

-Ask for permission from the home and the land

-Blessing prayer and intention setting

-Crystal grid to bring in positive intentions

-Crack open doors/windows

-Play high vibrational music

-Sound clearing with drum -Entity removal

-Smudging with white sage, Palo Santo, and/or incense

-Salt, charcoal, and candles in each room

-Reiki each room

-Use intentional spray in each room

-Added protection at Thresholds

-Bubble of Light prayer of protection around home and property


The result is your surroundings will be energetically aligned and optimized for you. After the service has been completed, you will receive a full report of the work completed with specific entities, prayer grid, intuitive messages, and photos of the work.


When you book, you will receive an email questionaire to gather all of the necessary information to complete the work.


Distance Home Clearing & Blessing

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