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Do you feel a craving to calm the mind and spirit? To alleviate stress and anxiety from your daily life? Are you ready to take back your health and wellness?


Derived from traditional chinese medicine, ear seeds are adhesive seeds placed on specific acupressure points on the ear to address symptoms and areas of the physical and emotional body.


Health ailments ear seeds can help include anxiety, depression, fertility issues, insomnia, back pain, restlessness, headaches, hormone balance, digestion, compulsive behaviors, allergies, weight loss, addiction, promote relaxation, peace of mind, and a sense of balance.


Kits include:

-20, 24K gold acupressure seeds

-Directions on "how to apply" + a 30-second video tutorial

-Ear seed maps for over 50 health ailments

-Virtual healing resources for adults and kids


Made in USA

Ear Seeds

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