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An entity is an energetic body that has consciousness that is attached to your energy body. Most people have entities attached to them, both positive and negative. The negative entities are removed while the positive ones are left to help you. The process is simple and painless, removing each negative entity, one at a time.


A negative entity attaches during difficult times of your life when your defenses are low. You are vulnerable, and they can easily attach to you. These types of entities may or may not have been in human form. They can keep you from growing spiritually as they influence your vibration in a negative way. Entities come in different forms. All are easy to remove.  In addition to the entity removal, I will also check for negative cords of attachment and possible curses.  Anythingn found will be cleared.


A positive entity attaches during times of spiritual growth or when you need extra support. They may or may not have been in human form. They add positive energy to your energy body. They help you to raise and maintain a higher vibration. Of course, we will not remove any of the positive entities.


The process to remove an entity is simple. First, the practitioner determines the vibrational level of the entity and the age the entity attached to you. Next, a prayer is said while a magnet is used to remove the entity. There is no pain during the process. Finally, love and light are brought in to facilitate complete healing. Each entity is removed one at at time until you are completely cleared. The practitioner will also gather and share information about the positive entities attached to you.


You will receive a report documenting all of the work that was done including the ages the entities attached.  After the session, people tend to feel lighter and happier.

Distance Entity Removal with Rose

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