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A birth chart is a map of the stars when you were born. The positions of the planetary bodies have great influence over our lives. Knowing this, you chose to incarnate at a specific time and place so that you could harness certain energies to carry out an important mission. Your soul contract is not written in words, it's written in stars. Through astrology, we can find out what those plans entail.


These readings are meant to remind you of who you are and why you've come. The intention is to inspire, align and empower you.


Further unlock your inner-wisdom and activate your soul gifts!


Receive confirmation of Starseed markings, if you have them. Learn what they mean for you in this incarnation. A Starseed is a soul that has volunteered to help raise the vibration of the Earth and/or humanity.


When we look to how the stars aligned when we were born, we can begin to live a soul-aligned life that feels more purposeful and fulfilling. One that embraces our innate gifts and experiences.


Become energetically lighter and better prepared for the life your soul yearns to live. Remember how far you've come and see how far you have the power to go.


Rediscover the star map that is encoded within you.


Topics covered include (if applicable), but are not limited to:


• Saturn Return

• Karmic Family Patterns

• Soul Wound

• Past Life Information

• Identification of the Year Last Incarnation Ended

• Souls True Desire In This Life

• Gifts

• Starseed Lineage Identification 

• Degrees of Mastership


This is a recorded reading. You will be emailed your recording within 2-3 weeks of booking.

Birth Chart Astrology Reading

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