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Emotion Code

  • 1 h
  • 60 US dollars
  • Mill Street

Service Description

Have you ever had to stuff down an emotion because you felt you couldn't express it in a particular situation? Or maybe an emotion was too much to process at the time? Those emotions can become trapped in your energetic body. Emotion Code helps to bring those stuck emotions to the surface so that they can be released. This work is gentle, non-invasive and safe. Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that frees the body of the weight of low vibrational, sluggish and slow emotions that tend to drain our energy. The practitioner uses kinesiology (muscle-testing) and magnets to release years of built up emotions that are often at the root of many physical ailments, anxiety, depression, and feelings of slow progress in life. What happens in a session? 1. The client shares a problem or concern they would like to work on. This can be anything at all that is causing trouble in life. 2. With permission, the practitioner begins questioning the client’s subconscious to determine if there are any trapped emotions negatively impacting the given problem. The client participates in the questioning process. 3. Usually, the subconscious would like the client to identify the age and general reason for the trapped emotion before it can be released. This information does not have to be shared with the practitioner unless the client chooses to. 4. Once the emotion has been understood, it can be released by sliding a magnet down the back of the client. 5. There may be multiple trapped emotions related to one problem. A typical session may have 6 - 10 emotions that are released. At a certain point, the subconscious will stop the process to give the client time to process the released emotions.

Contact Details

  • 107 Mill Street, Utica, IL, USA

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