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ensuring respectful practices


The Reiki Code of Ethics defines the framework within which the practice and teachings of Reiki can be respectfully provided fulfilling the commitment of best serving the needs of the client.

  1. Honor each person’s right to be, right to choose, and right to grow within their own path. Dedicate your work to supporting the individual’s journey, without judgement.

  2. Hold sacred the commitment of client confidentiality.

  3. Commit to provide only the highest quality of care with each client.

  4. Dedicate your life to professional, personal, and spiritual growth and learning, striving to live within the five Reiki Principles with humility.

  5. Practice Reiki within the laws and obligations set forth by all applicable governing bodies.

  6. Represent Reiki and healing outcomes honestly.

  7. Refrain from engaging in sexual activity of any kind with clients.

  8. Commit to helping your students become healers who know how to heal and teachers who know how to teach.

  9. Resolve to maintain the purity of the Reiki teachings as they have been passed down and entrusted to you through your lineage.

  10. Above all else, do no harm.



  1. I understand the Practitioner does not diagnose illness, injury, disease or any other physical or emotional disorder.  

  2. All information given in writing or discussed in the session is confidential and will not be shared.  

  3. It is my responsibility to inform the practitioner of any changes in my medical condition. I understand that there will be no liability on the practitioner’s part should I neglect to inform him/her of any changes in my medical condition.

  4. I understand that Reiki is provided for the basic purpose of relaxation and reduction of tension, anxiety, and stress. 

  5. I give permission for Rose-Marie Lowe, Ashley Patyk and/or Candace Anderson to touch me in regards to my treatment sessions if I have indicated so on the booking form. I further understand that I can request hands off treatment at any time.

Rainbow Chakra Mat 

  1. If you have any preexisting conditions that may be cause for concern, or if you have heart disease, hypertension, or any other serious medical condition you should consult with a doctor before using this or any other medical device.

  2. You should avoid heat therapy if you have vascular disease, deep vein thrombosis, or multiple sclerosis.

  3. Limit heat treatment at maximum temperature to one hour per day to prevent dehydration and hyperthermia.

  4. Pregnant women, those who are nursing, and individuals who have a pacemaker, should not be exposed to the increased heat from the mat.

  5. PEMF therapy is not suitable for those who are pregnant or individuals with a pacemaker.

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