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Code of Ethics

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The Reiki Code of Ethics defines the framework within which the practice and teachings of Reiki can be respectfully provided fulfilling the commitment of best serving the needs of the client.

  1. Honor each person’s right to be, right to choose, and right to grow within their own path.  Dedicate your work to supporting the individual’s journey, without judgement.

  2. Hold sacred the commitment of client confidentiality.

  3. Commit to provide only the highest quality of care with each client.

  4. Dedicate your life to professional, personal, and spiritual growth and learning, striving to live within the five Reiki Principles with humility.

  5. Practice Reiki within the laws and obligations set forth by all applicable governing bodies.

  6. Represent Reiki and healing outcomes honestly.

  7. Refrain from engaging in sexual activity of any kind with clients.

  8. Commit to helping your students become healers who know how to heal and teachers who know how to teach.

  9. Resolve to maintain the purity of the Reiki teachings as they have been passed down and entrusted to you through your lineage.

  10. Above all else…do no harm

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