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An Emotional Truth

Have you ever gotten a headache from fighting back tears? That’s a sign from your body. It’s a red flag asking you to relax into the energetically charged current of tears being pushed through your system. Those tears are purposeful. They help release stress so your body can calm down.

Many of us have been taught from very young ages to sweep our emotions under the rug. Even though it goes against our natural instinct, at some point we accepted this way of being and even worse, we became good at it. For some, it was a way of survival. For others, a way to people please and receive “love”. There are so many complex reasons why we did this or why we felt like it was necessary. So the question is, are we still doing it?

We have to end the fight against our nature. Instead of resisting, ignoring or burying the things that come up, what if we leaned in and listened?

These things, like resistance, create tension within the body that can lead to a dis-ease of flow. It’s so important to feel what we’re feeling.

Give yourself the space to do this. Ask for help if you’d like someone to assist or be with you as you go about this. Sit somewhere quiet, maybe in nature and allow yourself to feel what comes up. Let it flow through your body and when you're ready send it into the Earth. This is healing and it’s okay.

We perceive so many things, like certain emotions, to be negative so we reject or repress out of fear. But what I find is the more we connect with the messages our body, mind and spirit send us, the less control and influence they have over us in a negative way. They can instead become allies that help guide us through life and illuminate our highest path.

Sending you light and love,


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