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The Sacred Void

Fall, the time has come once again. I hold the dried, faded blossom of my once lush hydrangea in my humble hand. Tears fill my eyes as I face the reality that my sweet flora and fauna friends have completed their summer cycle and are now slowing into fall.

Time seems to stand still in the brisk early mornings, as frost is the only thing that seems to grow. It feels like Mother Nature is pulling her magic away.

As I tune deeper into the energy of my hydrangea, it whispers to me, "I'm only going to sleep. Mother Nature is allowing me to rest and she offers the same gift to you".

In winter we're left with a sacred void. This empty space presents itself and many turn away with fear. Rightly so, because it's a challenge to sit within this silence.

In a world that values progress and perfection, allowing yourself to "just be" goes against the instincts we're taught.

But the truth is, that to "just be" is the essence of our souls instinct. It's natural, cyclical and safe.

It's in the pause where miracles happen.

In this still space, fragments and fractures of the soul that have long since splintered off can find their way back. Through this rest, we reset and we find that this void is actually, creation and it's really our greatest strength.

So allow yourself to naturally slow like our flora and fauna friends. Allow the earth to hold and support you because you are brave and you know that it's okay to "just be".

Sending you love,


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