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Earth, the Vacation Planet

I’ve heard it said many times that Earth was intended to be a haven. A place for souls to come, relax and enjoy. A planet seeded with cherished life from across the universe where one could see the most spectacular elements our galaxy has to offer. A place with colors so rich and sounds so sweet, they rejuvenated the spirit. Where there were magical lands, so vast and diverse one could simply drift from experience to experience in a dreamlike state. All this whilst learning, as people simply surrendered to their senses.

We know that Earth has gone through many cycles. Her natural state is change, always shifting and balancing. We see the transition she’s in at the moment and we pause out of respect for its magnitude. We wait with bated breath.

As a butterfly leaves its cocoon, the finest witness may observe that there appears to be a slight struggle before it's able to break free. This tension causes the butterfly to move its wings, increasing circulation. This happens so the butterfly has the opportunity to build its strength. Because of this occurrence it will be prepared to fly.

We’ve experienced struggle, individually and as a collective for long stretches of history. Perhaps now is the time we come out of the proverbial cocoon.

Begin to find points of ease in your life and build out from there. Nurture yourself and when you’ve done that, nourish your family, then your community. I cannot count the number of times Spirit wishes to remind people that life is meant to be filled with love and joy. Though I do believe we choose to come here to accomplish many things so that we may learn and grow, I also believe that life is meant to be simple. The ego, though we appreciate it for its desire to protect us, has a tendency to overcomplicate things.

It is through love for ourselves and others that we’ll collectively return to a state of flow. As Earth is balanced, we’ll settle back into her resonance. We’ll see the abundance she offers from a new perspective and remember that all we have to do is be. We'll return to living harmoniously as one.

As these changes occur and we feel the struggle, choose instead to surrender to the sweetness of life. Let go of expectations, love yourself and embrace love from others. Allow yourself to breathe and experience Earth the way it was originally intended.

Sending you lots of love,


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