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Keep Going

As many of you know, I love mother earth. From this relationship comes my passion for gardening. For years I've worked to learn all I can about it. Especially about how to do it in a sustainable, organic way that gives back to nature. A way that I feel good about and brings me joy. I always knew I wanted to share this with others.

Well, I finally am. I followed a passion of mine and I've now seen a metaphorical flower bloom. This year I'll be selling my flowers to a local florist. I share this to offer hope. Getting to this point was incredibly difficult. When I started, I had a dream but for the first time in my life I didn't know what the goal was. All I knew was that I loved what I was doing and so I kept doing it.

Now, of course as much as I enjoyed it, I certainly experienced very low points. There was almost an entire summer where I spent days hand pulling weeds until my fingers where bruised only to return a few days later to see my flowers being suffocated and killed by more weeds.

We're so used to seeing people's "highlight reels" that it can seem nearly impossible to achieve our dreams when we're in the building phase. I urge you to change your perspective. The word "impossible" can also be seen as "I'm possible".

Keep going. The world needs your unique beauty. It needs the gifts you have that no one else does and let me tell you what, you have incredible gifts.

Sending you bright light and love,


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