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Mother Nature's Divine Timing

As I tune into Mother Earth, I sense her soften. I see her beginning to release the frozen wall of tundra that provided protection while she rested. I feel her heartbeat strengthen--each rhythmic vibration flows gently through my body.

Joyous signs of new life are beginning to emerge. My purple crocuses stretch their delicate, green leaves out of the ground where they are greeted by the promising light of the sun.

The earth knows when to awaken.

The flowers know when to bloom.

We are all cyclical in nature. It’s instinctual. Through this, we are bonded and live in perfect unison.

As spring approaches and we welcome this new season, take a moment to reflect upon this miracle. Feel your heart beat in harmony with all that is around you.

Find love.

Find trust.

Find peace.

Remember this great connection. Let compassion fill your heart. You are one with all that is.

We grow together, at the exact right time. Sending you love, Ashley

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