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The Divine Feminine

There’s a calling, maybe you’re hearing it too. This is the sacred space of the Divine Feminine. It’s where wisdom resides—the intuitive intelligence that is connected to creation. There is great healing found in this relationship.

It’s protected by the Divine Masculine within each of us. These energies, so closely interwoven, rise and spiral through the chakras. They ground us into the earth and align us with the heavens.

When balanced, this bond flows effortlessly. It offers the eternal key that unlocks Christ Consciousness. It’s this golden key which opens the door to the portal of our heart so that we can ascend through our upper chakras.

We thank the Divine Masculine for the protection it provides. For in its purity, it honors and supports its holy partner.

When the Divine Feminine senses safety, creation is birthed. A process so sacred and special.

If you hear the call, perhaps you are being asked to stop searching outside of yourself for answers. Find the key within you and allow the wisdom of the stars to flow throughout your body and enlighten your mind. Connect to the oneness of creation that is already with you. You hold all of the answers. Sending you bright light and love, Ashley

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