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Time For You to Shine

Many have felt difficult emotions and old patterns surface or resurface as of late. You are being presented with what you’re ready to heal, you’re leveling up. Those things that hold you back, limit you or keep your vibration low must go.

The good news is that it’s time to shine. In order for this to happen, you must be open to it. If you’re reading this, you’ve been doing the work. Acknowledge that. Allow yourself to feel proud. It takes a brave and strong soul to walk a path of healing and balance. You’re doing this.

During sessions, I often experience what feels like a moment of surrender with clients. It’s a pivotal moment when a persons energy softens. It feels like a deep breath. It’s when I’m allowed to see beyond their protective shell. I’m then entrusted with the honor of seeing and feeling their soul-self. This experience is beyond our vocabulary. This light beaming from you feels familiar, I recognize it because I hold it too. We all do. In this moment, there is no separation between you and I—we’re the same while being divinely different. What encompasses me is unconditional love and truth. It often brings tears to my eyes. Suddenly, a knowing of all that is washes over me. I see you through the eyes of creation. If we could all be blessed to see and feel others and ourselves in this way, what a different world it might be.

This is why we’re being asked to drop the burdens that fill our hearts, our minds and our bodies. We’re being asked to surrender and heal so we can let go of the thick protective shields we carry with us. When we do this, we allow the world to begin to see our soul-self.

When we shine, others shine and the whole world gleams with our golden glow.

The light within me, sees the light within you.

Sending you love,


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